Jack Wareham.
Jack is a producer with a wealth of film making experience spanning more than 25 years. Storytelling through motion pictures is what gets him up in the morning. Raised in the camera department, Jack is an accomplished cinematographer who has worked on blockbusters such as Thor Ragnorok, Aquaman and Peter Rabbit. As a producer, his love of storytelling shines through in The Brighton Miracle starring Temuera Morrison,    a tale of heart, courage and the will to achieve the impossible. 
“I’ve been fortunate to work on classic films like the The Thin Red line and that is a script that I’ve held onto and cherished. I’ve also experienced a lot of bad scripts and no matter how much smoke and mirrors you create you can never make chicken salad out of chicken shit. So I learnt the value of the script and this piqued my interest in screenwriting getting involved early so the film production becomes the icing on the cake.” 
Karl Mather.
Karl has lived and worked in Australia for almost 20 years but is originally from Liverpool, England and is a lifelong supporter of Everton F.C. He’s spent almost all his professional life as a copywriter or creative director for some of the biggest ad agencies in the world including FCB, Grey, Hakuhodo and DDB. 
He has a growing list of award wins and places for his (so far) unproduced feature and TV scripts. 
“I like to know what the beginning and end of a story is before I start, but I don’t mind if the way we get from A to B develops differently from our initial idea as the characters come to life. I don’t write a set number of pages a day or for a set number of hours, I prefer to set myself a deadline of a date that I have to be finished by. That probably comes from working in advertising for so long, it provides the discipline you need as a writer.”     
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